Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First My Digital Studio Project!

My blog name is Stamp and Scrapper, but looking through my posts I realize that I haven't posted a single scrapbook project!  I have been having some shoulder problems, so decided to try to rest the arm/shoulder a bit since I don't really know what is causing it.  I also have been working on learning how to use My Digital Studio, or MDS.  MDS is a digital program to scrapbook, make cards, and other similar projects.  My main purposes for learning MDS is to scrapbook a ton of stuff that is just laying around, and also to use it in conjunction with my Silhouette, a digital ecutter which can use files sent by MDS.  That said, I joined a group on Facebook called Simply My Digital Studio.  They have a list of challenges, a lot of which have a U-Tube video to show you how to do it.  I saved the list to iBooks, use my iPad to watch it, and have MDS up on my laptop to work on the project.  It is very, very helpful!  Anyway, all that said, here is my very first project:

It may not be the best scrapbook page ever, but it meets the first challenge on the list.  For that challenge, we were to create three photo boxes, group them together, and then drag a picture from our files into the boxes.  Surprise!  It separated the pictures into the three boxes!  Pretty cool technique!  I also re-colored and re-sized stamps and embellishments, and grouped objects together.  Not too bad for a general electronic dummy!

The Facebook page/challenges are from Kimberly Van Diepen and Heather Summers, both very talented Stampin Up! demos.  They put up a new challenge every Monday.  The group has helped me out a lot, answering my stupid questions very patiently!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Happy stamping AND SCRAPPING!

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