Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Organizing My Embossing Powder!

I am currently on a quest to organize my craft room, and actually haven't gotten far in to the process.  I am hopefully clearing it out for new paint and a new floor, then returning everything to a new home (hopefully)! 

One of the drawers in my craft room held my little jars of embossing powder, quite a few of them, in fact.  It was always frustrating to me to have to sort thru the drawer to find the jar I wanted.  The color is in small print on the lid, but I usually picked it up on the wrong side, so the print was upside down, etc.  The only ones that were easy to find were the colors, the Pool Party, Wild Wasabi, etc. 

Today I went shopping.  We had taken our really good griddle to Gatlinburg at Christmas time, and unfortunately for us, left it there.  So I found one at Bed Bath and Beyond that I liked.  It was a bit more money than I wanted to spend, so I waited a few days to make sure that was what I wanted.  I know, I should have waited for a coupon, but I didn't.  Anyway, when I went in, I saw one of the K-cup drawers, the one that the K-cup Machine sits on top and all the little cups of flavored coffee, etc. go in the drawers.  And I had an "ah-haa" moment!

I brought it home (again, without a coupon) and loved it.  It has six rows for K-cups, or embossing powder jars, and holds at least six jars in each one. 

Then I had another "ah-haa" moment!  What if I punched out circles of cardstock that matched the embossing powders and adhered them to the top of the jars?  I did it and it looks so good, and I know that I will love it!  Here is a picture of my lovely organized embossing powder:

The only ones that I wrote on were the pewter, since we don't have Pewter Cardstock.  I used Basic Gray cardstock for the pewter jars. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Happy stamping and scrapping (and embossing)!

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  1. LOVE, Love, love the idea!! Gotta get you coupons!!