Thursday, October 8, 2009

Placecards for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

My sister called and asked me to make Placecards for my nephew's wedding rehearsal dinner. She wanted something simple, but asked that the placecard for each meal on the menu be different. The dinner was at a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Indianapolis, so she said that I could do something with a southwest flair if I wanted (and I decided that I wanted a southwest flair!). Here is what I came up with:

She put all of the placecards out on a table; as guests arrived, they picked up their placecard and chose where they would sit. The placecards were to help the wait staff know which food to take to each person!

These are the placecards that I lined up on my dining room table. I counted them and double checked my list to make sure I had everyone on the list!

This is a close up of the placecard for the Tala meal.

This was the groom's placecard for the Cocula meal!

This placecard was for the Pacana meal.
And this was the yummy Pancana meal (chicken burrito)!
The kid's meal placecards looked like this!
I enjoyed making these a lot, and enjoyed eating my yummy Mexican meal, too!
Happy stampin and scrappin!

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